Can I Count on You Now and In November 2023?

 The Orchard Park Republican platform continues to be:

  • Holding the line on property taxes
  • Continuing to provide superior levels of services to town residents
  • Intelligently managing residential growth
  • Promoting small businesses, shops, and restaurants
  • Ensuring that all Orchard Park residents continue to enjoy the extraordinary quality of life that you have come to expect as a citizen of Western New York’s finest town and village

Orchard Park’s long-term success can be attributed to a number of factors …

  • Generous, caring, and genuinely friendly people
  • Community pride
  • The belief that more local businesses mean more local jobs, more visitors and tourists, and a robust local economy that benefits everyone in town
  • A long history of safe streets and neighborhoods
  • A beautiful geography
  • Extraordinary schools
  • Concerned and involved police and fire departments
  • Dedicated public employees
  • Multiple faiths coexisting and working together
  • Diverse, enthusiastic, community-minded business owners
  • Public servants that are elected because they reflect the values and ideals of their constituents

Please keep in mind that everything we have accomplished to date can be overturned with the election of people who do not share our values and priorities. I hope you will give serious consideration to the quality of life you currently enjoy when you vote.

I humbly ask for your financial support now and for your vote on November 7, 2023. With your help, I can work to keep Orchard Park the best place to live.

Thank you for your support.


Scott Honer
Candidate for the Orchard Park Town Council