Scott Honer

For Orchard Park Town Council

Scott Honer is a lifelong resident and graduate of the Orchard Park Schools, Canisius College, where he played Division I Lacrosse, and Mercer University, where he obtained his MBA. Scott is an experienced Financial Services Manager of a professional media equipment firm. He is also a volunteer treasurer for St. Vincent De Paul Society and is currently serving on the Town’s Architectural Overlay District Board. Scott and his wife, Kathy, have a son who is a senior at the University of Buffalo.

My Credentials …

  • Endorsed Republican and Conservative Candidate
  • Twenty years as a Senior Financial Manager with Fortune 500 Companies
  • Three years on the Architectural Overlay District Board

Where I Stand …

  • Enhance citizen services and ensure they are performed quickly, effectively, economically, and openly
  • Build on town and village revitalization by implementing best practices
  • Streamline procedures to operate a business in OP based on input and feedback
  • Respect and Support our Police, all other first responders, the military, and veterans with a focus on public safety
  • Drive fiscal responsibility

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